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About Dr. Penn

Dr. Penn is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with an office in Los Angeles, California.  His clientele includes high-functioning adults and couples that are struggling with a life not fully lived.  Dr. Penn is committed to helping people break free from their fears, anxiety and the effects of a difficult upbringing and life.

Dr. Penn conducts seminars and workshops for a variety of individuals and organizations.  He is comfortable in front of 25 or 500 and can speak on personal growth, intimate relationships and corporate leadership and communication dynamics.

Previously Dr. Penn hosted a topical, political and psychologically oriented talk show on KFI radio in Los Angeles.  Currently he has a Podcast called The World According To Penn.

I Can’t Believe My Life Has Come To This! is Dr. Penn’s first book. It is a culmination of years of experience as a practicing psychologist, successful businessman, media personality and world-renown lecturer.  This book provides clarity and insight into an individual’s psychology while providing specific step-by-step techniques for moving past psychological roadblocks so that one can begin to live the life they always dreamed they could live.

To contact Dr. Gary Penn email: or call (310) 470-7633