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Dr. Penn’s Practice

Dr. Penn is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with an office in Los Angeles, California. His clientele consists of adult men and women who are seeking to expand their awareness and overcome dysfunctional thinking, feeling and acting, Issues that are explored and worked through in his practice include:

  • Understanding why the life you are living does not match up with the life you want to live. Dr. Penn will help you crystallize you personal vision statement and create movement and momentum in actualizing it.
  • Fear, anxiety and depression are issues that can affect every aspect of your life. They will delay or altogether stop growth in career, relationships and life goals. Dr. Penn will help you bring into you consciousness these psychological land-mines so that you will deal with them instead of them dealing with you.
  • Couples therapy. Dr. Penn is considered a leading expert in the area of relationships, couples therapy and couples dynamics. He is uniquely able to help people work through faulty communication and hidden psychological drivers so that the “two” can regain their safe, passionate, fulfilling and evolving relationship.